Why You Need To Commit -To Your Marketing Strategy That Is!

What words come to mind when you think about commitment? Loyalty, faithfulness, dedication, devotion, responsibility and obligation are the first to roll of our tongues here! When it comes to your marketing/growth strategies, you need to stay loyal, faithful, dedicated, devoted and responsible! You are obligated to commit to your business’s continued growth, right?

When it comes to developing a marketing strategy we can assume you’ve spent time identifying:

  1. Your differentiator/unique value proposition in your vertical, as well as your company’s vision and mission…

  2. Your short and long term business goals

  3. Your available resources (the realistic amount of time, money and energy available to devote to your marketing strategy)…

  4. Your audience

  5. And evaluating current and past marketing campaigns/efforts/budgets, etc…

Now you have your marketing strategy and are ready to execute? Great job!

It takes the rolling up of sleeves and a lot of work just to get here but your work isn’t over yet.

It’s time to put one foot in front of the other and commit to creating fresh content daily/weekly/monthly then get it out there through your various identified channels. Creating a marketing calendar is key.

We recommend checking in, constantly, to identify what is working, and maybe what isn’t, what you might just need to tweak a little or shelf for awhile or maybe even trash and re-evaluate that part of the strategy. Whether you’re evaluating specific content, times of day that you’re posting (on each individual platform as they are all different), blogging style, email campaign, results of a LeadPages campaign, Fb ad, and so on…remember it’s like a puzzle in which the image is constantly changing!

The single most important detail to keep in mind that will ensure your marketing strategy will be successful is your ability to commit. Consistent effort and execution is the key to the success of your company’s growth. Another important thing to keep in mind is giving campaigns enough time to prove themselves.

This is HUGE. So often we start with the best of intentions, right?

But implementing successful marketing strategies is a lot like exercise…we know we need to do it, we know we have to stay consistent to get the results we desire but, let’s face it, it’s hard work!

At the end of a long day at work how many of us would much rather curl up on the couch with a glass of wine than hit the gym?

We understand that we’re all human, life happens and sometimes there are legitimate reasons why we can’t stick exactly to our plan.

One great aspect of quantifying what’s working and what isn’t on a daily/weekly/monthly basis is we can also look at areas where we might be doing a great job, staying consistent executing one aspect of our marketing plan but maybe there’s an area where we’re falling short…have no fear, just analyze ‘what’ it is about that task that is causing you stress. Let’s say it’s creating your weekly blog that you’re struggling with?

Maybe it’s time to change the day, or time of day, you have set aside for that project? Or maybe you need to update the blog calendar because those topics just aren’t speaking to your creative juices? Or, maybe you’re really enjoying (and great at) certain parts of your company’s marketing campaign but you hate blogging and someone else on your team would be psyched to take that over?

Here’s to your continued commitment & GROWTH!

"After working with thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs over my career, I’ve learned that one of the most distinguishing characteristics of success is the perseverance of commitment." From an article, by Todd Smith, about commitment...

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