What's Your Plan? To Grow Your Business...

It's the last day of the 1st month of the year. What's your plan? Do you have one? How's business 'growing'? Remember that saying, A wish without a plan is just a dream? We love to share easy to follow tips and we LOVE to help small businesses (especially the ones based in Rhode Island) grow. We have a slightly unconventional book we often refer to for business strategy, 'The 12 Lessons on Life I Learned From My Garden' by Vivian Elisabeth Glyck, and we wanted to share a tip from that book that will hopefully help you.


'Preparation Is Everything - If you don't start with a good foundation, your growth will flounder. Stay focused on how to best serve the present by keeping your foundation strong, and the future ultimately will prosper.'

Start building a solid foundation by asking yourself this question: What do you need to shelf, trash, or invest more time, money & energy into?

We are in a constant state of quantifying what is working and what is not - for our own business and for our clients' businesses. We are deciding daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly what to put up on the shelf, what to throw in the trash, or what to dig deeper on and invest more time, money and energy into. What is working in your business development strategy?

What are you investing your time, money, and energy into that is growing your business? What are you wasting your time, money and energy on?

Another great question to ponder: What makes you excited to wake up in the morning? Find that thing in your business that burns like fire in your belly. Focus on that!

Food for thought as we head into month #2 of 2018...

" ...with ideas that pop like kernels of corn in hot oil and a love & passion for helping small businesses and the RI economy grow; digital marketing, PR, business strategy & development...is more of a calling than a profession. I have chosen a life that my work is woven into and I work with people I know, like & trust!" - Tuni Schartner, RI's Economic Gardener

Mission: to help businesses thrive, to help the RI economy grow and to always focus on the greater good. Find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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