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"When you walk out of a marketing strategy session with a clear idea of your priorities AND a short-term action plan, you know you are working with a marketing master. Tuni leads with curiosity. She asks all the right questions and cuts through the chaos to find the truth and from there, real marketing begins. Tuni thinks strategically and drills down to the smallest detail. When you are ready to take your marketing in a new direction, Tuni is the person to call.”

Nancy McCabe, Founder of Results Business Coaching with Nancy McCabe

“Tuni is enthusiastic about every client and program she undertakes. I highly recommend her for any business or product development leadership you may need. Tuni has the communication skills and business acumen you need to help your business grow.”

Mark Oltedale, CEO of Shots That Sell

“We can't move forward unless someone asks us the right questions - Tuni gets to the heart of the matter and helps you find your next path forward.”

Mark Oltedale, CEO of Shots That Sell

“Tuni has an unrivaled passion for supporting small businesses across the state to be more creative, energized, and ultimately successful. Through her work with clients, it is apparent that she is not only serving as an advisor but as a community builder. Tuni finds opportunities and selflessly dedicates herself to the success of others. Personally, I continue to learn from her and am inspired by her energy. She is one individual I am confident in recommending to any small business owner seeking more stability, more creativity, and more growth.”

David Bradley, Founder of Consulting MBA 
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