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Summertime in Rhode Island!

🌊 Welcome to our quarterly newsletter!

☀️ We sowed a lot of seeds in the Winter and Spring was full of activity as a result. We kicked off a small business support program in Warren (one of our favorite towns in RI) and we absolutely love working with these businesses. If you live here in RI, or plan on visiting, you should take time to visit this unique creative community, full of art and culture and delicious FOOD! We are partial to some of the businesses we’ve had the pleasure to work with like Happy Place Creperie, Hunky Dory Restaurant, Beehive Handmade, Imago Foundation for the Arts, Makers RI (great if you have little ones) and one of our favorite meeting spots, The Coffee Depot. And, definitely make a point to check out the Hope & Main Schoolyard Markets!

🚀 We’ve also been busy in the innovation sector working with so many amazing startup founders, whether in our volunteer work mentoring through RI Hub’s VMS program or Innovation Studio’s programs or working with some of our awesome clients helping them validate their ideas, get to their MVP, or launch their enterprises. We really love what we do and who we get to work with.

Congratulations to Liz Lima/FierceMODA and Joe Lee/PopUpRhody for #winning at the Innovation Studio’s Pitch Event!

🍻 We are really looking forward to our BIG summer Founders & Friends, Part 4, event on Thursday, August 11th. It is going to be full of founders at every level, investors, support partners and more! 🔥

Please reach out if you need us, we have a hard time saying no and we LOVE giving back! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook!

📧 And feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn or shoot us an email:

🐝 Over at The Hive RI & the Mill at Lafayette, there continues to be a real BUZZ of activity. We have a thriving business community there and are in the process of building out an events calendar so stay tuned!

*If you’d like to be ‘in the know’ you can sign up for The Hive’s email list on this contact form.#Podcast 🎙

🙏 🎙 Thank you to Tyler Wentworth for inviting me onto his The Hire podcast! I really enjoyed spending time (virtually) with him discussing all kinds of topics near and dear to my heart like the importance of community!

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